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As you may or may not know, we are still new to this whole “blog space” world. We can admit it – no shame in our game!

What you may be surprised to hear is that we actually truly appreciate feedback. (Obviously, we mean constructive feedback. If you want to be nasty just for the hell of it, keep that negativity to yourself please!)

We’ve been at it for the past 6 months and have zero plans to stop anytime soon. We want to keep the flow of deciding bliss active for both ourselves and for you, our Blissers!

A Call to Action

This post is simply a call to action. We want to hear from you! Whether it’s in the comments below or on our private feedback page, we encourage you to express your thoughts to us. We want to know what you love, what you dislike, what you want to read about, what you may need advice on, and what sorts of messy situations you may be in (because life is messy). Not only do we hope to continue to inspire you, but we’d like to be inspired by your real-life moments as well. Chances are we’ve either gone through similar situations in our pasts or we are heading towards them in our futures! Because that’s really how the world works.

Feedback is often viewed as a negative – something to avoid, deflect, or run away from, not to mention getting all uptight and defensive about. However, how it should be regarded (and how we strive to view it) is as an opportunity to advance and be more than just a boost to our confidence. Don’t get us wrong, the confidence boost is nice too! But there’s a bigger picture here.

Consider this moment our blessing, giving you carte blanche to provide us your thoughts and opinions! We’ve got thicker skin than you’d think, and even our past stories can vouch for the fact that we’re a couple of tough cookies.

Leave Feedback Now!

Feedback Tidbits

When someone is a novice and pretty much just starting out, positive encouragement is incredibly useful. This prevents feelings of discouragement that may stunt the growth process. In the end, being straight-forward is CRITICAL for growth, so let ‘em have it (thoughtfully!).

This would be a fantastic opportunity to use what many have dubbed “the positive feedback sandwich.” This approach involves starting with a positive comment, then moving onto the problem issue, and then ending with a high note. We understand completely that there are bound to be parts that people don’t like, and we want to embrace them and address them instead of pretending they don’t exist. We strive for constant improvement and growth.

Negative feedback isn’t always bad, just as positive feedback isn’t always good. It’s when you attach a label to it (good/bad, positive/negative) that emotions are then instantly triggered. In reality, it shouldn’t be tied to emotion or ego. The true purpose of feedback is to help someone DO better, not necessarily FEEL better. Just like life, it’s not all rosy moments. Ultimately, the ugly, dark, and messy moments are the ones where the most growth occurs and the most strength is cultivated. The same idea can be applied to feedback!

Rule of Thumb

Your best bet for the most effective feedback is to keep it precise and timely, allowing it to be helpful but not overly-critical. While living in an “everyone gets a participation trophy” time, anything short of effusive admiration seems to come across as an affront. Not with us! Simply aim to be kind and tactful, and you let us handle the action from there. (Being kind doesn’t mean you must sugar-coat your message; it means being straight-forward without unnecessary judgment.)

Don’t get us wrong, we still have to keep our egos in check from time to time. We thankfully have each other to keep the other in check if we start to take something personally that we shouldn’t. Part of the reason we have such a remarkable friendship is because we work together to improve both our own and the other’s lives. Teamwork makes the dream work!

With that all being said, if giving feedback isn’t your strength, use us to improve. Not only are we requesting it, but we are welcoming it! That way we can all progress together.

Grow together, improve together, and last, but never least, Decide Bliss together.

Leave Feedback Now!

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