Another Helping of Gratitude, Please

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Give Thanks

The Thanksgiving holiday has just passed and here at Decide Bliss we hope you all had a spectacular day with family, friends or strangers. Whatever your views are on the foundation of this holiday (because let’s be honest, it is as controversial as Columbus Day), we can all agree that Thanksgiving day can be a beautiful reminder to be thankful for whatever it is you have. Even if you feel low and alone during the holidays, you can simply be thankful for your breath. You can be thankful for your life. You can be thankful for nature.

Holiday Love

I am super fortunate to be able to LOVE this time of year. I have a family whom I adore and that adores me, and that cherishes the holidays as much as I do. We go all-out for each one. There’s always an amazing meal to share with each other made by an executive chef (my Dad) and a family-taught cultural cuisine master (my Mom). I have a home filled with love, decorations and joy. My life partner, Prash, makes everything in my life rosier and warm just because of the way he chooses to love me. I have close friends to share laughs, tears, holiday parties  and corny holiday movies with annually. My gratitude jar overflows and I am very aware of it. I have so much to be grateful for! I can talk about all of the people and things that fill my heart this time of year (and all year) with such joy, but I won’t this time.  You can check out this post and this one for some love fests about some major players in my life!

Another Helping of Gratitude

Do not even think for a second your holidays have to look and feel anything like mine. On Thanksgiving Day, we are gluttonous with our intake of various foods. Most of us go into a post-meal food coma. Just like all the food you crammed into your belly, I nudge you to fill yourself with another helping of gratitude. If negativity, tensions with family or pressure to spend money you do not have on gifts, are what your holidays often look and feel like, I ask you to just pause.

Mind over Matter

Once you paused for a few minutes, breathe. Ask for another helping of gratitude. Think of what you are grateful for in that very moment. Quieting your mind will interrupt your anxiety and allow clarity to settle in instead of anxiousness. Then, reach out and say thank you to someone who you are thankful for right then and there. You will be surprised how redirecting your own stresses to loving and thoughtful actions improves your overall well being. That, my friend, is training yourself to have an attitude of gratitude. When gratitude is no longer something you do every once in awhile but rather becomes a lifestyle, I assure you the holidays will no longer feel as overwhelming.

Easy Gratitude Lifestyle Guide

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