Long Live Long Weekends

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Ahhhh… long weekends…

Although it is only a single extra day, it is glorious. It’s just enough of a bonus to break up the monotony of the week-in, week-out routine that we find ourselves inevitably caught in. This is exactly why we figured we would use this week’s post to give you all some ideas of how to fully embrace your long weekends. No matter what you do, the extra day is nice. We like to use it as an excuse to do something a little out of the ordinary!

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do for your long weekends that break the mold of your day-to-day norm:

Nicky – Suggestion #1: Travel

How unsurprised are you right now that this is my go-to answer? Hey, like I’ve mentioned before, we know what we like and we stick to that!

A few months back, I was scouring Skycanner for some inspiration. That’s when I stumbled upon a deal I couldn’t refuse: roundtrip airfare from Boston to Atlanta, GA for Memorial Day weekend that was only $124/person. Does it get any cheaper than that?! Needless to say, I hopped on that deal and Curtis, Olivia, and I hopped on a plane! (Side note: come back next week for my post all about our Hot Minute in Hotlanta!)

When you’re open to any destination and willing to randomly keep checking sites that offer deals, you can plan a fantastic getaway that doesn’t break the bank while still providing an awesome adventure.

Badiana – Suggestion #2: Camp

Nature! It is literally the answer to everything. When all seems lost, go outside and watch in amazement the benefits of doing such a small act. In the hustle of everyday life, I recommend just going outside for as long as possible.

On a long weekend, take it up a notch and go camping! By Memorial Day weekend, most of us are starving for down time and need a break from work. Grab some camping gear and be one with nature to clear your head.

The immersion in nature creates a feeling of wonder and inspires a sense of awe. We are more prone to slow down and stare up at the gleaming stars or soak up a sunrise/sunset when we are in the thick of the wilderness. Your body needs a nature reset every once in a while. Wake up with the sun and sleep with the stars – away from cell phone towers – to reset your circadian rhythm by nature’s clock.

Camp sites are super cheap and camping gear is too if you are looking for basic equipment to keep you safe from the elements and bugs.


For the more advanced camper (someone who has camped a few times and has gear already), I recommend checking out freecampsites.net. If you’re a beginner camper in the US or Canada, check out uscampgrounds.info. For camping gear, I am all about amazon.com or overstock.com for pretty much everything that I do not need to see in person. REI is a great outdoor store that you can physically go to and see. This one can be more on the pricey side, but the quality is amazing. Good ol’ mega corporate giant Walmart always does the job if you are looking for affordable.

Nicky – Suggestion #3: Be a Tourist in your Own Town

When you have lived somewhere for an extensive period of time, you almost become blind to the aspects of the area that are shiny and appealing to someone that’s just visiting. I suggest that once in a while (like when a long weekend approaches), you drop everything and pretend to be new to the area again!

I live pretty close to smack dab in the middle of the distance between Boston and Providence. Even with this ideal location, I have not been to more than a few of the typical touristy attractions in either city. It has recently become my plan to use long weekends (when we aren’t traveling, that is) to put an emphasis on this task.

The list of attractions nearby to try out is endless: museums, duck boats, restaurants, harbor cruises, Block Island, Nantucket, sporting events, hiking, water parks, beaches, camping sites, etc. Google your own town just as you would a location you are traveling to and start a list of things to do/try. I should have no trouble whatsoever with finding an adventure or two to liven up any long weekend! Not to mention trying food from some of the fantastic eateries we’ve got around here.

Time to fully embrace how amazing my home area really is!

Badiana – Suggestion #4: Road Trip

I love a good road trip. It truly is up to you how long or short you want to make it!

To take what Nicky suggests about being a tourist in your own town to the next level, it can also be applied to your state or region. Nicky and I live in New England and on the east coast. New England itself has so many states, scenic places, tiny bed and breakfasts, ice castles, etc. You name it, we’ve got it over here. Exploring your state or coast in our case can make a great quick road trip for a long weekend. A few hours’ drive and you can be somewhere completely new. We live 3-4 hours away from the famous New York City and Jersey Shore (thanks to MTV’s Jersey Shore). Road trip to a place your instincts are gnawing at you to visit and just go.

Whether you desire to be a socialite in the Big Apple or want some solitude in a funky and cool treehouse rental via Airbnb, it is within reach. Like one of my favorite Justin Timberlake songs (Let’s Take a Ride) says, “Hop in the car, go with me. You don’t have to pack anything. Don’t you wanna feel the breeze and forget everything, baby?” Do that. Do exactly that and the rest will be bliss.

Long Live Long Weekends!

How enthused are you right now?!

There’s nothing wrong with spending your free time relaxing. But have you ever spent an entire weekend doing nothing and then regretted it after? Where it felt like you just wasted all that time? We are consistently advocating that you seek balance. Balance also means sprinkling in some newness to your routine!

You are given the beautiful opportunity to LIVE every day. So do it!

For you as well as for those that you love, actively Decide Bliss.


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