Takes One to Snow One: 5 Ways to Rock a Snow Day

We are true blue New Englanders, born and raised in this distinct part of the US. Like everyone else who grew up in New England, we spent the first half our lives impatiently waiting for our parents or siblings to tell us that our school name was on that beautiful list of cancellations so we could spend the day playing in the snow with our friends.

But Spring Though…

As adults, snow has become more of a hassle than a wonder like when we were kids. What a shame, right? It’s mid-March and good ol’ Mother Nature has been serving us some real signs that spring has sprung. Everyone has been preparing for a spring reawakening and then, in true New England fashion, we get a snow storm warning. Like typical New Englanders, we are skeptical that it’s even anything at all. As the day approaches, the weather alerts seem to show two feet of snow about to greet us. Bring it on!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

We got word that work wasn’t happening for either of us, so it was official – we just got granted a snow day. Alright, we can work with that! At least we don’t have to attempt to drive in it and we can hunker down in our homes to binge Netflix. That’s when Badiana opted for a different approach.
When we were kids, snow days were for fun in the snow and friends. Why isn’t that the case as adults? Badi suggested we get snowed in together (suggested, demanded, however you want to word it…) and Nicky, with her wit, replies, “Takes One to Snow One!”

Snow Day Shenanigans

The day has come and Badiana packs her stuff up to meet Nicky post-work at her place. She walks in feeling like a bag lady, still incredibly sore from her training for a 5k, and hurls her stuff in her corner. (Yes, she has a corner at Nicky’s place.) Time to get this show on the road and pour the beverages! She is not one to waste time and we’re all adults here.

Nicky is blasting 80s pop on Pandora  and the mood is officially set for the both of us! With drinks on deck and music filling the air, let the snow day shenanigans begin.

In honor of our hilariously awesome bestie snow day, we give you a list:

5 Ways to Rock an Adult Snow Day

1. Have an all-day dance party.
The 80s Pop station on Pandora is everything in our opinion, but rock out to your music of choice. Play it the entire time. The impromptu dancing and singing never stops if the music never does.
2. Face Masks for the Win

We are all about that skin care/self care and we both conveniently have face masks on hand. A quick rinse to your face, apply your mask, and instant relaxation! Added bonus: this makes for super fun pics and laughs, because we all know how silly we look in a face mask.

3. Kindness Rocks

We are creative naturally. Nicky follows this movement, Kindness Rocks, the premise of which is that one message at the right moment can change someone’s life. Basically you find rocks and paint messages/happy images on them to leave around for random people to find when they are going about their daily lives. Nicky obviously has paints and set up a paint station for us like kids in art school. You don’t have to do this activity, but it is pretty fun if you give it a shot. We recommend any activity that channels your creativity (preferably that doesn’t involve using an electronic device).

4. Play in the Snow

We can easily admit that we are adult kids. Nicky has slingshots and an adorable dog named Callie (see where this is going?). Amidst Badiana having a spastic dance fit in the living room, Nicky grabs a slingshot, takes a pile of snow in her bare hands, stuffs it in said slingshot, and hurls it into the parking lot. We were literally on the floor in laughter, prompting us to go outside and play in the snow with Callie.

In short, you are never too old to have fun in the snow!

5. Limit TV time and Electronics

This one is self-explanatory, but being fully present with each other made the time together so much more rewarding.

Both of us are fully aware that if we didn’t make the choice to “take one to snow one,” we would have actually spent our time binging a television show, scouring social media every 30 minutes, and not having nearly as much fun as we did together. We had a 48-hours ladies day and only watched a total of four hours of TV. In our defense, it was the last few hours of our snow adventures and our bodies were tuckered out from dancing, spurt exercising, and running around in the snow.

Snow for anyone living in a snow-prone area can be such a pain in the neck, but any nuisance can become a pleasure if you let people in. Turn your inconveniences into conveniences and Decide Bliss.

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